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Manual Generator Transfer Switch

Easy Electrical Jobs Is Tampa Bay’s Favorite Residential & Commercial Electrician for the Installation of Manual Generator Transfer Switches for Your Home or Commercial Business.

Manual generator transfer switches give you power at the flip of a switch during a power outage and are commonly used with portable generators.

Manual generator transfer switches come in a variety of sizes and types to meet your desired power consumption during a power outage.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Manual Generator Switch:

  • Size of the portable generator you will use
  • Circuits you would like transferred to generator transfer switch
  • Location that you would like to plug in your generator 
  • Length of generator cord
  • Amperage of generator cord
  • Power usage monitor features
Please Note: Generators should never be used in the home. They must have adequate ventilation.
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Having the Generator Running & Connected to Your Electrical System without a Transfer Switch Is Extremely Dangerous when the Power to the Grid Is Restored. 

It can cause: 

  • Death or bodily injury by sending power the wrong way onto the grid
  • Damage to your generator
  • Damage to your electrical system
  • Damage to your electrical devices
Manual generator transfer switches are designed to be operated safely, and once they are engaged, the circuitry will be isolated from the rest of the electrical system and the power grid. Once power is restored to the grid, the transfer switch can be safely disengaged to safely resume power from the grid.
Our electricians will give you upfront pricing before any electrical work is completed and provide you with options on solutions for your electrical installation. Once you choose to move forward, most installations can be completed the same day. There may be some limitations that may be out of our control to complete the electrical repairs or installations on the same day. In that case, the electrician will schedule an alternative date and time to return and complete the electrical repair or installation.
We typically do not install whole house generator systems with automatic transfer switches. We also do not provide maintenance for generators.

When needing an electrician for those small electrical jobs, call Easy Electrical Jobs. We make it look clean and easy.

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