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Main Breaker

Troubleshooting & Installation of Main Breakers in Electrical Panels

#1 Easy Electrical Jobs is near Brandon, FL, and is Tampa Bay’s favorite electrician for troubleshooting and installation of main circuit breakers.

Easy Electrical Jobs' focus is on small electrical jobs around your home or business. There is no need to call a national franchise company or a larger service company that may overcharge or try to upsell you on a small troubleshooting electrical job. And, choosing us is much safer than calling a handyman that is not licensed as an electrician.

We Can Repair Nearly Any Main Breaker Type, Including:

  • 150 amp Main Breakers
  • 200 amp Main Breakers
  • 125 amp Main Breakers
  • 100 amp Main Breakers
  • General Electric Main Breakers
  • Challenger Main Breakers
  • Sq D Main Breakers
  • Siemens Main Breakers
  • Cutler Hammer Main Breakers
  • ITE Main Breakers
  • Murray Main Breakers
  • Zinsco Main Breakers
  • Sylvania Main Breakers
  • Federal Pacific Main Breakers
  • and Many Others!
  • 150 amp main breaker
  • 200 amp main breaker
  • 125 amp main breaker
  • 100 amp main breaker
  • General Electric main breakers
  • Challenger main breakers
  • Sq D main breakers
  • Siemens main breakers
  • Cutler Hammer main breakers
  • ITE main breakers
  • Murray main breakers
  • Zinsco main breakers
  • Sylvania main breakers
  • Federal Pacific main breakers
  • Many other styles and ratings…
Main Breaker

Easy Electrical Jobs Troubleshoots & Repairs Electrical Problems with Main Breakers for Your Home or Business.

Main breakers trip for a variety of reasons, including the following and more:
  • Overloaded Electrical System
  • Electrical Problem with Something Connected to the Electrical System
  • Loose Wires on the Main Breaker
  • Loose Connection with Main Breaker
  • Fatigued Main Breaker
You can reduce problems with your breakers by having an electrician:

  • Check the Amperage for Possible Overloads
  • Check for Excessive Heat
  • Look for Discoloration on Connections
  • Re-Torque All Wire Connections
It is important to mention that when a main breaker is replaced, it should be replaced with a breaker that is listed as compatible with your electrical circuit breaker box. Oftentimes, we come across main breakers that have been changed out with a main breaker that is not compatible. Many of these breakers, even though they seem to work, may not trip when overloaded because they are not compatible.

Scheduling Troubleshooting & Repairs to Main Breakers in Your Electrical Panel Is Simple.

Call Easy Electrical Jobs. We make it look clean and easy!

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